About Us

   "Me and most of my family members have been in natural stone industry since 1995."

    Enjoy Stone is more like a big family, we share the same direction  and be one heart with each other.

   Enjoy Stone, Enjoy Life. 

    During the past few years, Enjoy Stone was valued by more and more clients,your satisfaction is our wheels of progress.

    We took exhibitions tour all around the world to meet clients from different countries,know what they need indeed, and find out how we can provide a better service---Enjoy Stone, Always Joy There.

    Nothing can stop us from moving, we are the spokesman of ourselves, full of passion, activity and professional skills,the challenge won't bring us fear but the desire of improvement.


                     Company Owner 

             Mark Chen 


No matter what will happen in the future, we will serve you with all our hearts, just like usual.

Enjoy Stone, Never Leave You Alone.